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Our story

Part-Time India Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in outsourcing solutions. We enable clients in overall INDIA to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. we provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data, and cloud computing. We are offering below projects. Please click that project

28 thoughts on “Part Time India Pvt Ltd”

    1. That totally depends on your project.
      If you take the typing project, you receive your amount weekly (Rs.7,500/-).
      Or if you take Email sending you can receive your payment after completing of 8000 email ids. (8000 mail ids X Rs.3/- = Rs.24,000/-)
      Or if you take SMS sending you can receive your payment after completing of 4000 Mobile numbers (4000 mail ids X Rs.3/- = Rs.12,000/-)

      That depends on your project. (Gold or Normal)

      Thank you.
      Part Time India Pvt Ltd

    1. Yes. 100% Genuine Jobs.
      Because Part-time India Pvt Ltd is a government Registered company.
      This is an MNC company. So, you have 100% security and 100% genuine.
      you want to know any company is genuine or Not. See this page:
      this is the parameters, to find the right company.

      Thank you.
      Part Time India

  1. I joined in April month 2019. in typing project.
    Really excellent company. Before time I lost my money in so many companies. But, this company give me excellent money.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Nan apply pannanum pls yaravathu Chennai pasanga irukeengala enaku call pannunga 781188***9 intha job pathi sollunga

  3. Are you sure is this genuine work,my friend tell me truth because i’m a jobless guy and don’t have much more money to register this company, so i request you to please tell me really you got payment from this site and how is typing job can we complete 75 pages in a week ?

  4. Yes bro. My name is kanaka raju. I joined the typing work last month. I get the 3 times payment. Rs.12000X3=36000.

  5. Hi, do we need to type all the 75 pages in a notepad. Will there be any instructions given to candidates as to how the pages are to be typed?

    Please clarify as I am trying to register for typing job.

  6. Hi anyone doing email sending job. Do you know how the emails are to be sent. Can they be sent in bulk in to/bcc/ccc addresses or individual emails to be sent? Website says email Id and password to do this job will be given. Please Share details if any one is doing this job,as I also wish to register.

  7. Hi IAM a house wife and looking work from home please if it’s genuine I would like to work anyone please help me.

  8. Bro can we believe this ?? Because, last time I joined GM tech company. They have cheated me.
    So, I want genuine work. My friend refer to this company. they earned last 1 and half month onwards.
    That’s why I want to join.

  9. Is typing work easy? Can we understand american english. Is this weekly payment? Hey guys if anyone knows please tell me.

  10. Karthik Kumaresan

    Hi bro rishi.
    I am doing email sending job last 2 months on-wards. They are paying me.
    I didn’t find any mistake in this company. I think this is the one of the genuine company now a days.
    (My English is not good. Please try to understand). this is good company bro

  11. Hi,
    Anyone of you on typing work? Are you getting weekly payment. Is it possible to complete 75 pages in 7 days. Can I believe in this?
    I wish to register so please reply me if anyone knows whether it is genuine.

  12. Hi karthik and basha brothers,
    I wish to register in this, can I believe because for many online jobs I paid to them and lost my money. Is this genuine please reply me if anyone knows. I’m jobless and searching for work from home jobs.

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